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Flower Pots

    Flower Pots--Small/Medium

    • Fill partially with sand and use as an outdoor ash tray.
    • Use when placing flowers at a cemetery so that good ones are not vandalized or lost.
    • Use small, plastic pots as scoops for pet food or potting soil.
    • Use for making sand castles or snow forts.
    • Use for storage of change on a dresser.
    • Use small pots as fruit-picking baskets.
    • Use "tree-size" pots for storage of pet toys (or children's toys).
    • Keep a small pot by the dryer to collect lint.
    • Use a medium size pot for storage of fruits and vegetables on the counter top.
    • Use a small pot as a candy jar.
    • Paint different colors and use to decorate around a garden. (Edie)

    Flower Pots--"Tree Size"

    • Use "tree-size" pots for storage of rags in the basement.
    • Use "tree-size" pots for collecting leaves, weeds, etc. while working in the yard.
    • Take lined "tree-size" pots with you when going fruit picking. Instead of taking the small baskets provided home with you, dump the fruit into the flower pot and return the fruit baskets to the farm owner.
    • Use "tree-size" pots for storage of apples, oranges, potatoes, etc. in the house.
    • Use "tree-size" pots for storage of gardening tools.

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