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  • Have your kids color in the boxes with different colors to make funky designs.
  • Use for plotting out space when redecorating your house or planning a garden.


  • Use the Sunday comics as wrapping paper. (Don't try this with regular newspaper--the ink smudges.)
  • Use to stuff packing material.
  • Use the comics (instead of paper bags) to cover text books.
  • Use to line the bottom of your tent (inside) for insulation. Place plastic over the paper to keep the print from smudging. (Jon)
  • Fold several layers thick and use as a hot pad when camping.
  • Wrap fragile items for packing/storing.
  • Roll into "logs" for campfires. The thicker the log, the longer it will burn. Use spiral notebook wire to tie the log together. (Retrieve the wire and reuse it when you are done if it's still useable.
  • Make the above logs more efficient by cutting them in half and using yarn, string or shoelaces to dip the log into melted down candle wax. The wax-coated log will make for a good fire starter on damp days. (Wendy)
  • Use for drying windows without streaking. TIP FROM JIM: Make sure that the ink does not stain the vinyl casements which are found on most modern windows because it is very hard to clean off.
  • Make it into a garden film. Clear an area of weeds in your garden, lay several sheets of newspaper down, and spread mulch on top of it. It will keep most weeds from coming through. (Jim)
  • Use to clean mirrors. (Marie)


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