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recycle: pop bottle rings
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Pop Bottle Rings (the ring that breaks off when you twist the cap)

    * Ideas which have been starred have not been tested (for lack of rings). I'm an aluminum can kind of gal, myself. I think these will work, though, so please try them. If you do try them and they don't work, e-mail me and let me know what happened.
  • * Connect using notebook wire and make into a trellis.
  • * Connect using shoelaces and use to make a stuffed animal hammock. Please do not try to make a human hammock out of these because it is unlikely that it will hold your weight!
  • Use for napkin rings.
  • Paint festively, connect with string, and use to decorate the Christmas tree.
  • Connect with string or wire and use to enhance a fan chain, lamp chain or curtain draw strings.
  • Connect with string, weave yarn or cloth through, and hang from the doorway for a pseudo-sixties effect.
  • Paint different colors and use for game pieces.
  • String together with a shoelace and hang across the backseat of the car to hang clothing. Store it in the glove compartment when it is not in use.

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