Do you want to receive less junk mail?

You can help save millions of acres of trees destroyed each year to make paper by reducing the amount of junk mail you receive.

We will, on your behalf, contact major national mailing list brokers and ask that your name and address be removed from their databases. Additionally, if you receive unwanted catalogs regularly from certain companies, please include that information at the bottom of this form and we will contact those companies for you as well.

Please enter the following information for any names and addresses you want removed from mailing lists. Please use the scrollbar to view all fields. This service is only available to United States residents.

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If you would like us to cancel specific catalogs, such
as PC Connection, MacWarehouse, Damark, or others,
please enter the following information for each catalog:

1. Catalog name.
2. 800 phone number on catalog.
3. Your customer number from the mailing label (if any).

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