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Mount Roraima
      In order to prioritize the projects we work on, the World Environmental Organization follows these steps. First, we identify all major issues causing harm to the environment. Second, we prioritize each issue based upon the severity of its effect on the environment. Finally, we develop plans to reduce environmental damage from each of these issues, focusing our efforts first on those issues that are causing the most immediate and irreversible harm.

      Following are a few of the latest projects the World Environmental Organization is currently pursuing:

Rescue Me! - Dog rescue and cat rescue shelters, as well as individuals, across the United States and around the world list thousands of animals needing new homes on this website network.

Save The World Project - A hands-on and personal approach to stopping climate change, protecting the world's environment, one person & one business at a time.

Nature Center - Our Nature Center features a Clean Energy Exhibition, thousands of carnivorous plants, the Next Generation Home and an organic farm.

Clean Energy Exhibition - A renewable energy exhibition located at our Nature Center.

EcoCamp - An educational Day Camp program on 100-acres where students learn about everything from solar power to organic farming, and carnivorous plants.

Wellness Review - Scientific reports reviewing evidence published in peer-reviewed medical journals about nutritional and herbal treatments for health conditions.

CONTACT US: World Organization 2020 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, #2001 Washington, DC 20006 Phone: 1-800-800-2SUN
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