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Picture Frame (medium, self-standing kind)

  • Keep in the kitchen and slip a recipe card into it when cooking to keep it clean.
  • Use for storage of awards/pictures you no longer wish to display. Several will fit in a frame. Store the frame flat in a closet.
  • If you are bored with the look of a wooden frame, stain it a different color and reuse it.
  • Let children decorate a wooden frame with paint and then allow them to hang it in their room with their own art work inside it.
  • Save the glass and backing of standard size frames for when others break.
  • Use for hanging emergency phone numbers and instructions in the basement or garage.
  • Replace the glass with a mirror and hang it for a new look.
  • Make a small picture frame (wallet size or 3x5) into a coaster. Glue something soft (material, etc) to the back so it does not scratch your table.
  • Use the cardboard backing as a fire starter.
  • Glue your child's artwork to the cardboard backing of a picture frame. Display on a wall or as a stand-up without the need for a frame.
  • If a wooden frame is broken, simply glue or nail it back together.

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