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100 Top Wildlife Sites
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  1. National Wildlife Federation - NWF x
    NWF works to protect and restore wildlife wonders and to provide a sustainable future for both wildlife and man.

  2. WWF Global Network x
    The world's largest and most experienced independent conservation organization, with around 5 million supporters and a global network of 27 national organizations, 5 associates, and 21 program offices.

  3. National Audubon Society x
    The mission of the National Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

  4. Audubon Institute x
    The Audubon Institute's goal is to foster appreciation and, ultimately, conservation of these ecosystems, which are showcased in an outstanding collection of nine museums and parks dedicated to nature, and another on the way.

  5. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service x
    The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is working with others to conserve, protect, and enhance fish and wildlife and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.

  6. Defenders of Wildlife x
    Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities.

  7. National Fish & Wildlife Foundation x
    Dedicated to promoting conservation and sustainable use of our natural resources through environmental education, natural resource management, habitat protection, ecosystem restoration, and public policy development.

  8. Wildlife Conservation Society x
    The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) works to save wildlife and wild lands throughout the world.

  9. African Wildlife Foundation x
    The African Wildlife Foundation is working to conserve the wild animals of Africa -- and the sun-washed savannahs and mountain forests they inhabit.

  10. Animal Diversity Web x
    "Includes information about the structure and classification of animals, basic concepts of ecology and evolutionary biology, brief reports on dozens of animals, and lots of pictures."

  11. Wildlife Habitat Council x
    A non-profit, non-lobbying group of corporations, conservation organizations, and individuals dedicated to protecting and enhancing wildlife habitat.

  12. Environmental News Network x
    Provides environmental news, chat, and forums.

  13. Ocean Planet x
    "This exhibition reminds us that in ways we may never have even considered, we're all seafarers, and it offers us ways to become more seaworthy--to think about what everyone can do to conserve the Ocean Planet."

  14. Wildlife Conservation Network x
    We focus on innovative, independent conservationists who are exploring new ways to resolve the conflicts between people and wildlife, and actively engage local people as effective stewards of their environment.

  15. Wildlife Management Interactive x
    Created to help prepare wildlife managers for an increasing number of changes occuring in our culture today.

  16. TRAFFIC x
    Would you like to be part of the world's largest wildlife trade monitoring program that is a global expert on wildlife trade issues? TRAFFIC is an international network, with culturally diverse staff in 21 offices on five continents, and ongoing research world-wide.

  17. Audubon - California x
    Mission: "to work in California to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity."

  18. Global Wildlife Center x
    The Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, Louisiana is home to over 3,000 exotic, endangered, and threatened animals from all over the world.

  19. The Audubon Society of Portland x
    Read the monthly newsletter, The Warbler; learn about bird trips, nature and wildlife; and stay abreast of the latest action alerts and conservation news.

  20. Ducks Unlimited Canada x
    Ducks Unlimited Canada's mission is to conserve wetlands and associated habitats for the benefit of North America's waterfowl, which in turn provide healthy environments for wildlife and people.

  21. Endangered Species International x
    "Stopping the trend of human enduced wildlife extinction".

  22. Conservation International x
    Conservation International (CI) is a field-based, non-profit organization that protects the Earth's biologically richest areas and helps the people who live there improve their quality of life.

  23. Save the Manatee Club x
    Save the Manatee Club was established in 1981 by former Florida Governor Bob Graham and singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett. SMC was started so the public could participate in conservation efforts to save endangered manatees from extinction.

  24. Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center x
    Research and information on requirements for sustainable wildlife and wildlife habitats.

  25. Wildlife Land Trust x
    The Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Land Trust works with landowners worldwide to protect wild animals by permanently preserving their natural habitats.

  26. WWF Canada x
    WWF Canada pursues a mission to save life on Earth through four conservation programs: Endangered Species, Endangered Spaces and Wildlife Toxicology in Canada and an International program in Latin America.

  27. Wildlife S.O.S. x
    Wildlife SOS is working to protect wildlife in India. Currently the focus of the organization is protecting sloth bears through anti-poaching, land conservation and sanctuaries for dancing bears.

  28. Society for Conservation Biology x
    The Society is international professional organization dedicated to promoting the scientific study of the phenomena that affect the maintenance, loss, and restoration of biological diversity.

  29. Endangered Species on EE-Link x
    Good starting point to learn about endangered species and what is being done to save them.

  30. National Audubon Society of New York State x
    The National Audubon Society of New York State promotes the protection and proper management of birds, wildlife and their habitats through advocacy and education.

  31. Wildlife Rescue League x
    "Preserving Virginia's natural heritage through wildlife rehabilitation."

  32. Ark Animal Tracks x
    Ark Animals is an online magazine dedicated to the topics of rare and captive wildlife.

  33. Bagheera: In the Wild: Vanishing x
    Learn about vanishing, extinct and endangered species.

  34. Bat Conservation International x
    The mission of Bat Conservation International is to protect and restore bats and their habitats worldwide.

  35. The Brainerd Foundation x
    The Brainerd Foundation is dedicated to protecting the environment of the Pacific Northwest.

  36. Kids' Planet x
    Interactive wildlife and conservation site for kids.

  37. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission x
    Managing fish and wildlife resources for their long-term well-being and the benefit of people.

  38. Pacific Wildlife Care x
    "Protecting and caring for wildlife along California's Central Coast."

  39. Earthtrust x
    Projects include: "Saving Whales with DNA," "Project Delphis: Dolphin Cognition Research," and "DriftNetwork: Keeping the Seas Free of Driftnets."

  40. Audubon Canyon Ranch x
    A private, non-profit organization that acts as guardian of three nature preserves in Marin and Sonoma counties, California - some 2,000 acres of tideflats, marshlands, coastal prairie, redwood groves, and other fragile wildlife habitats.

  41. Journey into Amazonia x
    Companion site to the PBS series, which offers an enchanting look at rarely-seen creatures as they contend with the Amazon.

  42. Envirolink Network x
    EnviroLink is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive, up-to-date environmental resources available.

  43. Bat Conservation Trust x
    Dedicated to the conservation of bats and their habitats through practical conservation projects and research.

  44. The Gorilla Foundation x
    The Gorilla Foundation/ promotes the protection, preservation and propagation of gorillas.

  45. Greenpeace USA x
    Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organization that uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and to force solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

  46. Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy x
    "The Journal's mission is to address legal and political issues concerning the human race's interrelationship with and management of wildlife species, their habitats, and the biosphere."

  47. International Wildlife Coalition x
    A wildlife protection organization fighting to save endangered species, protect wild animals, and preserve habitat and the environment.

  48. Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation x
    The mission of the Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation is to educate the public about the care and preservation of all wildlife and their habitats, both local and global.

  49. Massachusetts Audubon Society x
    Protects wildlife species and habitat in Massachusetts by managing over 28,000 acres of ecologically significant land across the state.

  50. Predator Conservation Alliance x
    Predator Conservation Alliance works to conserve and restore ecosystem integrity by protecting predators and their habitats.

  51. Rainforest Action Network x
    The Rainforest Action Network has been working to protect tropical rainforests and the human rights of those living in and around those forests.

  52. Endangered Species Coalition x
    The Endangered Species Coalition represents more than 350 conservation, scientific, business, and religious organizations. Our diverse coalition supports stronger protections for our nation's imperiled wildlife.

  53. Green Mountain Audubon x
    Take a virtual tour of Green Mountain's Nature Center or explore the trail map.

  54. Watchable Wildlife x
    "Helping communities and wildlife prosper through positive wildlife viewing experiences and the conservation of plants and animals in their natural habitat."

  55. Center for Whale Research x
    Investigating the lifeways of the top marine predator and the impact of human development...find out how you can participate in our research expeditions.

  56. Wildlife Society x
    A non profit scientific and educational society of nearly 10,000 professionals and students. Society members are dedicated to sustainable management of wildlife resources and their habitats.

  57. Wildlife Forever x
    Mission: "To preserve America's wildlife heritage through education and the conservation, preservation, and management of habitat, plant life and wildlife."

  58. The International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies x
    Founded in 1902 as a quasi-governmental organization, the IAFWA protects and manages North America's fish and wildlife resources.

  59. Wildlife Watch x
    "The mission of Wildlife Watch (WW) is to protect individual wild animals and species from deliberate and inadvertent impacts that originate most often with federal, state and local governments."

  60. Golden Gate Audubon Society x
    Includes online articles of "The Gull," action alerts, field trip information and more.

  61. Georgia Wildlife Federation x
    As a part of the National Wildlife Federation, the GWF is working to restore and conserve America's wildlife.

  62. Hawaii's Endangered and Threatened Species x
    The Hawaii Biological Survey compiles information on all of these species with the assistance of various state, federal, and local agencies and works with these partners to disseminate this information, including these web pages.

  63. Born Free Foundation x
    Conservation projects include efforts to save elephants, big cats, wolves, dolphins, and primates.

  64. Wildlife Search x
    A wildlife directory that is categorized by animal type.

  65. BIRDNET x
    Provides information about ornithology, the scientific study of birds.

  66. Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) x
    WildCRU projects strive to foster all four elements of our Conservation Quartet: research to understand the problem, education to explain it, community involvement to ensure participation and acceptance, and implementation of a solution.

  67. Los Angeles Audubon Society x
    Through birding, education and conservation activities in our community, the LA Audubon Society raises awareness and promotes the cause of global environmental protection.

  68. Wildlife Associates x
    "Where Animals are the Teachers" As a child we begin our exploration of life and are fascinated by our relationships with the non-human world. By bringing live animals into schools, we create a compelling educational experience accessible to all learning styles.

  69. Native American Fish & Wildlife Society x
    Exists for the protection, preservation and enhancement of Native American fish & wildlife resources.

  70. Nature Alley by Nature Ali x
    "Nature Alley is dedicated to protecting natural communities wherever they exist. She is involved in many scientific and educational programs, promoting environmental appreciation and ethics."

  71. The Point Reyes Bird Observatory x
    Mission: to conserve birds and the environment using science to understand and find solutions to problems threatening wildlife populations and ecosystems.

  72. Operation Wildlife x
    Operation Wildlife (OWL) provides rehabilitation and veterinary services to injured and orphaned Kansas wild animals. We also provide wildlife education to the citizens of northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri.

  73. Sacramento Audubon Society x
    Focuses on conservation and environmental education to ensure that the Sacramento region's natural ecosystems and diverse bird populations are preserved, restored and made available for study and enjoyment.

  74. Seattle Audubon Society x
    "Seattle Audubon Society serves its members in their endeavors to appreciate, preserve and enjoy birds and the natural environment in the Pacific Northwest."

  75. Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge x
    The Rachel Carson Refuge is part of a wetland acquisition program to preserve valuable wildlife habitat at key locations along waterfowl migration routes.

  76. Teaming With Wildlife x
    A national campaign to prevent species from becoming endangered and to nurture a new generation of wildlife stewards by securing funding for state-level non-game wildlife conservation and related education and recreation programs.

  77. Wildlife Rehabilitator x
    Features a live webcam of wildlife being rehabilitated back to the wild.

  78. The Endangered Species Update x
    Articles on the science and politics of the discipline of conservation biology.

  79. Ventana Wilderness Alliance x
    A non-profit wilderness conservation organization dedicated to protecting the wildlands of California's northern Santa Lucia mountain range.

  80. Wildlife West Nature Park x
    Wildlife West Nature Park is a 122 acre wildlife refuge and enhanced zoo maintained by the New Mexico Wildlife Association.

  81. Endangered Species Information Network x
    Provides up-to-date information on endangered, threatened, and other species of conservation concern within the Pacific Northwest.

  82. Nearctica x
    Guide to the plants, animals and physical environment of North America.

  83. Endangered Species Recovery Program x
    A cooperative research program on biodiversity conservation in central California, administered by California State University, Stanislaus Foundation.

  84. Tennessee Valley Audubon Society x
    The local Audubon Society serving the Limestone, Madison, and Morgan county area of North Alabama, including Huntsville, Decatur, Madison, and Athens.

  85. Rewilding Institute x
    "The Rewilding Institute first serves wild Nature. But to serve wild Nature, we serve North America's wonderful grassroots conservation community."

  86. Arabian Wildlife Online x
    Arabia's first wildlife magazine includes the "twicher's guide," enviro-watch and more.

  87. D.C. Audubon x
    Includes society calendar, information on birding in the DC area, and contact information of DC officials.

  88. Friends of Wildlife x
    Rescue, Rehabilitation, Release. Friends of Wildlife licensed rehabilitators are volunteers who care for injured and orphaned wild animals until they are able to be released back into their native habitats.

  89. Children's International Wildlife Sanctuary x
    A non-profit organization formed in August 1995 to educate the public and to replenish, sustain, and preserve our natural resources and wildlife for future generations.

  90. The Divine Dolphin x
    The Divine Dolphin is dedicated to enriching the deep connection that humans have with our friends in the ocean, the dolphins and whales.

  91. Africam x
    The world's first virtual game reserve. Webcams from Africa.

  92. Owens Foundation for Wildlife Conservation x
    Enter the Owens Foundation Home Page and learn about the conservation work of American zoologists Mark and Delia Owens.

  93. x
    Features great wildlife photography, including pictures of moose, bears, deers and other animals.

  94. eNature x
    "America's Wildlife Resource, provided by the National Wildlife Federation."

  95. x
    "In tribute to wildlife rehabilitators around the world."

  96. Animal Trial x
    Animal Trial has animal pictures with worthwhile information.

  97. Nature of New England x
    Links to species accounts and photos of birds, butterflies, and mammals.

  98. Texas Parks and Wildlife x
    To manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.

  99. Patuxent Wildife Reseach Center x
    To excel in wildlife and natural resource science, providing the information needed to better manage the nation's biological resources.

  100. Wildlife Trusts x
    The UK�s leading conservation charity exclusively dedicated to wildlife.

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